What Exactly Is Modern Office Furniture Liquidation?

Liquidation is the process of turning the real assets of a business into balance sheet capital (cash). For some people, a business utilizing office furniture liquidation can be seen to be struggling. This is an inaccurate perception based on the assumption a company is liquidating assets to pay off creditors in a bankruptcy proceeding. While bankruptcy is one reason for office furniture liquidation, it is not the only one and often a rarity these days.

Modern Office Furniture Liquidation Explained

There are several other reasons why a business would choose office furniture liquidation. A company may need to relocate to a new office space that does not accommodate all the furniture currently in use. Fast growing startup’s need to rapidly upsize their employees and will reach out to office furniture liquidators to fill the gap. Perhaps it is more economical to not move everything and simply purchase new furnishings. Management may decide the current offices need an updated look, and acquiring different office furniture is part of the plan to refresh the office space.

An office furniture liquidator helps companies through the process of selling or buying these assets. These professionals look for office furniture; cubicles; filing cabinets; conference tables; chairs; and even electronics, such as computers, printers, and copiers. Their experience enables them to evaluate the quality and condition of what you are selling. Office liquidators want quality pre-owned items that are still in good-to-excellent condition. Worn out and broken will often be reconditioned to a like-new appearance.

Once the liquidator purchases your items at a fair price, they then sell the items to other businesses or even the public. Because the liquidator purchased the items at a discounted price, they can now offer them for resale at prices greatly discounted when compared to buying them new. This is a win-win for both the buyers and the sellers.

Contact Sunrise Office Services whether you need to sell or buy liquidated office furniture. Our experienced and professional office furniture liquidation staff is ready to help you. And remember, office furniture liquidation can help make your next growth spurt a more economical one.