Things You Should Know Before You Buy Office Furniture

So you need a new desk or two, some chairs, a conference table and some filing cabinets for your office? Whether your business is new or well established, you want good quality furniture at the best price possible. You might think that you have to settle for one or the other, but that is simply not the case. In fact, you do not have to settle for anything less than what you actually want. Here are three things that you should know before you buy office furniture.

Reasons To Buy Office Furniture

New Does Not Mean Better

New office furniture might seem like a good investment on the outside, but don’t let the word “new” get you too excited. The reality is that you can buy used office furniture that is of extremely high quality and in excellent condition. Many times, companies buy new furniture believing that it will improve their corporate image and impress clients. A nice suite of office furniture does have a positive impact, after all, image is everything. However, there is no way your clients will know that you have used furniture or if you bought it new.

Price Is Not An Indicator Of Quality

That worn out expression about getting what you pay for doesn’t necessarily ring true when you are talking about office furniture. A low price does not always mean low quality and vice versa. Companies choose to sell their used furniture because they are downsizing, upgrading to new furniture or moving to a new place. The furniture looks and feels brand new, and it just does not fit into the new space or suit the company’s needs anymore. A savvy buyer can outfit an entire office with high-end, used furniture that is perfect for their space.

Environmental Stewardship Matters

If you want to make a positive impression on your customers and community, you must be environmentally conscious. That means reducing your carbon footprint where and when you can. You can recycle your paper, install fluorescent bulbs and reduce your energy usage, but you can also recycle in another, more profound way. Manufacturing any piece of furniture is a labor-intensive process. Buying used furniture reduces the amount of energy and time and also keeps unwanted items out of landfills. You can proudly boast that your company is a good environmental steward by choosing used furniture.

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