Sell Old Office Furniture to Used Office Furniture Liquidators

It is finally time to update your office and sell old office furniture? You have decided the old cubicles are outdated and inefficient. In your rush to clear out the space and create a better and more productive workforce, you called the local trash collector to bring a dumpster for the used office furniture. But have you stopped to consider the cost of just tossing your old furniture out? You could be making a mistake not only for your bottom line, but also the environment.

Sell Old Office Furniture and Keep Out Of Landfill

It is estimated that Americans generate 236 million tons of garbage each year. Of that, only 30% is recycled or composted. That amounts to 164 million tons that ends up in a landfill somewhere. That amount includes 8,550,000 tons of furniture. Besides adding to the growing problem of finding space for that massive amount of garbage, some office furniture contains chemicals that could be potentially dangerous to the ground water. Many office furnishings today feature fiberglass and flame retardants which can seep into the ground when left to decompose in a landfill. Donating your furniture for reuse can help reduce this problem.

Many businesses are choosing to sell their used office furniture. Used office furniture liquidation companies such as Sunrise Office Services purchase used office furniture to resell to other companies. If you have not checked into it, you’re throwing out hard earned cash. Utilizing a service such as Sunrise Office, will help you avoid the hassle of selling the furniture on your own. No replying to multiple buyers interested in a single piece of furniture, setting up showings of the furniture and dealing with payment issues. Simply sell your office furniture in bulk and use the extra income to help reduce the costs of your new furniture.

Selling your used office furniture is both good business and good for the environment. Contact Sunrise Office Services today to join the thousands of savvy business owners who benefit from the advantages of a used office furniture liquidation company.