Sunrise Office Services is a Leader in Furniture Liquidators NYC

Are you looking to sell your old office furniture? Is your business in New York City and the surrounding boroughs? Then you need to contact a professional office furniture liquidators NYC to sell your old office furniture. We specialize in office furniture liquidation. We help businesses discharge all of their unused and unwanted office furniture without them having to worry about losing money. Instead of giving the old furniture away or having the garbage man pick it up, we can help you recover costs. Why lose money on unwanted office furniture when you can sell it and use the money to buy new furniture or invest in your business in other ways?

Furniture Liquidators NYC, Turn to Sunrise Office Services Back Pain

Remember, office furniture effects employees’ moods. According to Business Insider, a survey found that 86% of workers are not comfortable in their office chairs, and nearly half (41%) say their chairs cause them pain. They are so dissatisfied with their office chairs, they say it effects their mood and productivity. One in three people said they’d be more pleasant to work with if they had better office chairs. Half said they would be more productive, and 35% said ergonomic chairs would help lower their work-related stress.

Sunrise Office Services has 35 years of experience as furniture liquidators NYC. We are a proven leader in the furniture liquidation industry. We are full-service office furniture liquidators and work with all of our clients from the minute they contact us to sell their furniture, to the final pick up of the furniture. At Sunrise Office Services, we work with a network of furniture dealers who buy used office furniture. We can help your company if you are relocating, downsizing, or upgrading your office space. We want to make sure that each one of our clients is completely satisfied with the services that we provide for them. Contact Sunrise Office Services today to see how we can help maximize your furniture liquidation needs.