Tips For Buying Used Office Chairs For Your Employees

The best used office chairs to buy are ones that are comfortable for all of your employees. Uncomfortable chairs can cause back, shoulder and neck strain for your employees. Below are some useful tips from the Sunrise Office Services furniture liquidation experts to help when buying used office chairs.

Used Office Chair Buying Tips

Used Office Chairs Seat Adjustment

Since your employees are different heights and sizes, buying adjustable chairs will ensure that everyone in the office has a comfortable seat. A seat height that’s 16 to 21 inches from the floor is the standard height that works for most people. Chairs that are too high off the floor can cause leg or ankle swelling in employees who have circulation problems.

Chairs that have a pneumatic adjustment lever allow each employee to raise or lower their chair for the most comfortable height. While adjusting the chair, the employee should sit straight with his or her feet solidly on the floor. An adjustable backrest moves the back of the chair forward or backward and a locking device holds this position in place, so it does not lean backwards.

Used Office Chairs Armrests

Office chairs with armrests have been shown to minimize strain on the neck and shoulder area. Armrests also help to prevent slouching, which after awhile, places strain on the back muscles. Employees can position adjustable armrests for their comfort. For correct positioning, the armrests should support the elbows, which take the weight off the shoulders.

Used Office Chairs Seat Depth

The seat depth is the length of the seat from the front to the back. There should be approximately three inches of space between the back of the knees and the seat of the chair. A seat that has a padded, rounded edge helps to increase blood circulation to the legs. This is especially important for employees who remain seated for several hours during the day.

When you are ready to purchase used chairs for your office, contact Sunrise Office Services for information about the best types of chairs for your employees. If you are downsizing, expanding, relocating or just purchasing updated office furniture, we can help you select the best used furniture for your business needs.