The Dish On Who Buys Used Office Furniture and Why

As an existing business looking to relocate, expand or downsize, or a new business trying to establish your brand, it is important to know who buys used office furniture and how that knowledge can benefit you. New businesses are an obvious choice. A new business may want to save their money for operational costs and other financial needs that need to be met, and used office furniture is often the perfect way to do that. Some used office furniture is available for as little as 15-25 cents on the dollar!

Who Buys Used Office Furniture

Businesses looking for fast furniture delivery may also go the route of used office furniture. Considering that in some cases, newly built customized office furniture can take as long as six weeks for delivery, used office furniture saves a considerable amount of time and money. Finding equivalent used office furniture is especially helpful when large office furniture orders require expedited fulfillment.

The prudent or environmentally conscious business owner may also have their interest piqued by used office furniture. Not only does used office furniture save money, purchasing used office furniture it is a form of recycling and reduces the demand for manufacturing office furniture, which lessens the emission of potential pollutants in the process. Used office furniture keeps more materials out of public landfills by keeping the product in service longer. This approach extends the usefulness of items that still hold value, but may have simply needed a new home. Buying used office furniture is not only sensible; it is a small step toward a happier, healthier Earth.

One of the major benefits to keep in mind when selling used office furniture is that depreciation is surprisingly minimal and takes several cycles of buying and selling to get extremely low. A desk bought used can be re-sold for as much as 75-80 percent of the buying price!

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