Go from Having Shabby Chic to the Best Office Furniture Long Island

A shabby chic look is fine when it comes to homes and dorms, but it does not reflect very well for businesses. It may give the appearance of apathy, unprofessionalism and worst of all, impending financial doom. The good news is most, if not all used office furniture Long Island, may be renewed, recycled or re-purposed in a way that speaks well for business. Properly re-purposed furniture by the office furniture Long Island experts at Sunrise Office Services will showcase your success and professionalism while saving you money.

Shabby Chic To Best Office Furniture Long Island

Office Furniture Long Island Painting

For starters, electrostatic paint has the potential to do wonders for scratched up, metal office furniture. It is cost effective, durable, low VOC and if done correctly, doesn’t leave telltale signs of over spraying. Plus, there are paints available that will leave the office furniture looking like it just came out of a Knoll, Teknion, Allsteel, Herman Miller or Steelcase showroom. Sometimes, you even up the prestige factor by making arrangements to add extra coatings (e.g. rust inhibitors and high gloss).

Office Furniture Long Island Wood Stains

In the case of wooden office furniture, damaged pieces may be sanded down and stained or painted to improve their appearance. However, it is important to select colors that will not only renew the pieces, but help them merge with the rest of the workspace’s design elements. Oftentimes, a team of highly professional, furniture restoration experts can help to ensure that the stains match up just right. Rusted, broken and mismatched hardware may be replaced on office furniture as well.

Office Furniture Long Island Re-Upholstery

It is no secret that over time, upholstered office furniture will eventually lose its padding and overall appeal too. As such, manufacturers have made sure that there’s a wide assortment of fabrics and fill available to today’s craftsman. They may be used to restore or completely change the look of a firm’s reception and break room furniture.

To learn more about office furniture Long Island improvements and other cost-effective ways to go from shabby chic to corporate cool, please contact Sunrise Office Services. We sell pre-owned office furniture and offer addition services. They include reconfiguration, refinishing, liquidation, relocation and asset management.