Used Cubicles, The Secret of Success for Small Businesses

As a business owner, the idea of buying used cubicles for your employees makes sense economically. Used cubicles are also good for the environment, emit fewer emissions, offer plenty of choices and can free up capital to be used elsewhere in the business. Your employees may be under the mistaken impression that used cubicles will be unattractive or flimsy. Sunrise Office Services can dissuade their concerns by providing a wide variety of name brand used cubicles.

Used Cubicles Secret to Success

Used Cubicles are Good for the Environment

By acquiring used equipment, you are eliminating the possibility of old cubicles being placed in a landfill. When you remind your employees of this fact, they’ll appreciate your contribution to recycling. Keeping quality used cubicles out of a landfill can also be used to promote the company as being ‘green’.

Used Cubicles Emit Fewer Emissions

The aroma that comes with new cubicles is due to the off-gassing of chemicals and dyes in the materials used to make them. These emissions are harmful and can cause headaches, nausea or even allergies. Used cubicles have off-gassed all their odors making it less of an issue for employees who are sensitive. Workers with sensitivity to the chemical odors will appreciate not having to deal with them.

Used Cubicles Offer Plenty of Choices

One reason many companies avoid used cubicles is because they feel they will not have many options. Sunrise Office Services offers many different choices of used cubicles. Our used cubicle stock is so diverse you can choose from high-end to basic models. Just like new office furniture, your employees can have a say in the decision to ensure they are happy with the cubicles in which they will be working.

Used Cubicles are More Cost Effective

In a business with finite resources, used cubicles provide the opportunity to utilize capital for other purposes. You employees will appreciate that you might be able to use the money for other things such as increased expense budgets, salaries, or bonuses.

Good communication is the key to ensuring your employees are happy with your decision to purchase used cubicles. The used office furniture professionals at Sunrise Office Services are experts at meeting and exceeding your used cubicle needs. To see the tremendous selection of used cubicles we have available, contact us today.