Getting the Most Out of Your NYC Office Furniture Liquidation

For any brick and mortar business, there comes a time to liquidate their office furniture. Perhaps you are expanding into new offices, and it is simply more cost efficient to sell the furniture then it is to move it. Maybe you are selling your business and want to get all the money you can out of it. Whatever your reason for liquidating office furniture, you will want to maximize your return on investment. Not only will you want to get the maximum amount of money, but you will want the sale to go smoothly. With this in mind, here are a few tips for getting the most out of a NYC office furniture liquidation.

NYC Office Furniture Liquidation Tips

As with many things, the more you plan ahead and prepare for your liquidation, the better it will be. You will want to get an assessment of the value of your office furniture, and pick the best time to move the furniture. That is not all, however. If you have leased furniture with plans that give you an option to buy, look into buying it so you can sell it with the rest of the furniture. If you owe less than what you can get selling it, it is often worth the investment.

You should also make sure you identify the pieces that you want to liquidate. Experts recommend that you sell all your furniture at once instead of selling pieces separately. Furniture is frequently more valuable in sets, and you will realize more of a return on your investment. So make sure that you are ready to commit beforehand.

You will particularly want to take your time in picking liquidation professionals. The better the experts you pick, the easier it will be. They should have lots of experience in liquidating office furniture and lots of contacts in the used office furniture world. If their area of expertise is home furnishings or something other than office furniture, you will not get the best deal for your furniture. Ask around for companies with a good track record, and look for ones that conduct inventory and assessment. A good liquidation company like Sunrise Office Services will work with you to make sure that the NYC office furniture liquidation goes smoothly and meets your needs.

If you are in New York and thinking of liquidating your office furniture, contact Sunrise Office Services to explore your options. We have 35 years of experience in NYC office furniture liquidation, and can help you make the most of your next office furniture liquidation.