What Your Reception Furniture Says About Your Business

When customers enter your business, your reception area and its furniture are their first impression. It can make or break your standing with some of your most important clients. Your reception furniture should leave a lasting positive impression. Creating the right impact does not have to break the bank and when placed correctly, used office furniture emits a style that is as unique as your business.

Used Office Furniture Great Reception Furniture

First, consider your business’s style and function. Are you a conservative accounting firm that exudes detail and classic elegance? Are you an up and coming home design firm that thrives on creativity and upbeat energy? Consider what your clients are looking for in a company and play to your personal strengths. Remember, you want an impression that sets your business apart in all the right ways.

Next, always remember function is key. A reception desk should have style, but it must also be functional. Clients may be impressed with your fashion sense, but their opinion of your competency will quickly go downhill if the setup is confusing. Choose a reception desk that is attractive, simple to use, and clearly conveys to potential clients that they are welcome. Having multiple desks or cubicles in a business entry way can make clients feel uneasy and confused.

Finally, always consider the comfort of your employees and guests. Choosing looks over comfort will lead to unhappy workers and decrease productivity. Look for furniture that is aesthetically pleasing while also maximizing comfort for those who visit your office.

For more information on how affordable, stylish used office furniture can maximize productivity and provide your guests with a great first impression, contact Sunrise Office Services. Our experienced, friendly staff is here to help with all your office furniture needs.