Tips for Decorating Used Cubicles in Your Office for the Holidays

The holidays will soon be upon us, and there’s no better way to remain positive and productive through the holidays than to decorate your used cubicles. There are a number of ways you can add festive decor to used cubicles.  Here are a few tips from Sunrise Office Services used office furniture liquidators you may want to consider.

Used Cubicles Holiday Decorating Tips

Holiday/Christmas Trees for Used Cubicles

Don’t have room for a Holiday/Christmas tree? Hang one upside down from the ceiling instead. Place it in the center of your cubicle, and add tinsel, garland and a few strands of lights to give it visual interest. You can also make a wall-mounted tree from wrapping paper rolls in varying lengths, or by upcycling the branches of discarded artificial trees.

Create a Winter Cottage in Used Cubicles

Make your cubicle like a Christmas cottage by adding a makeshift roof from cardboard and covering it with white cotton to resemble snow. Cover the front of your cubicle in wood or brick-patterned paper, leaving room for artificial windows. Finish by surrounding your structure with Christmas lights.

Small Touches Improve Used Cubicles

Even a few little holiday decorating touches can make a difference in how festive your cubicle feels. A few simple ideas you can use are:

  • Filling glass jars with red and green or blue and white candies
  • Placing a bowl of pine cones, holly and evergreen sprigs on a work table
  • Adding a holiday-themed tablecloth
  • Hanging artificial snowflakes from the ceiling
  • Covering your office chair (or a co-workers) in wrapping paper and ribbon
  • Placing miniature wreaths or stockings along the top edge of one wall

These small yet simple touches will make your cubicle seem more like home, and will remind you of the fun that is to come during the holiday season. To see one of the largest collections of used cubicles, contact Sunrise Office Services.