Buying Used Office Furniture Saves Money, and the Environment

Many people spend a lot of money to buy new office furniture, just to turn around in six months and replace it with something else new when they get tired of it. This kind of buying tends to get expensive. By investing in used office furniture, you could replace the entire office every three months if you like, and it would still be more cost effective than buying new. Here are some of the benefits of buying used office furniture.

Used Office Furniture Saves Money, Environment

Buying Used Office Reduces Landfills

Sometimes, companies discard old furniture because they get tired of the style they have and want something different. People can easily have office furnished refurbished, rather than throwing it out. The EPA estimates that businesses discarded approximately three million tons of furniture and furnishings in 1995. You can save a whole tractor-trailer load of furniture from being dumped into a landfill by re-manufacturing just 40 workstations.

Buying Used Office Saves Money

Buying used furniture instead of purchasing new office furniture can save you significant capital expenditures allowing you to refresh your office furniture more often. The benefits of buying used not only include keeping the environment great, but it will keep money in your pocket too. Utilize cash flow in other areas where it can contribute to increased sales and revenue. Increase productivity by giving your employees a raise in pay.

When many people hear the words “used furniture” they assume they will end up with scratched, or dented items; this is not the case. Reputable office furniture liquidators offer items that have been refurbished before they are sold as used office furniture. Refurbishing used office furniture involves repairing structural damage and refreshing the appearance to like-new status.

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