Used Office Furniture in New York City, Go Traditional or Transitional

Offices outfitted with traditional, executive furnishings say something meaningful about a business. Many believe it gives the impression that the professionals behind the corporate brand hold timeless values dear. Others worry that it will peg their firm as being irrelevant and behind the times, but this is not the case. This is especially the case when used office furniture is paired with modern touches, like contemporary color palates, modern art, and LED lighting.

Used Office Furniture Traditional Transitional

Companies like Herman Miller, Allsteel, Knoll, and Teknion have been manufacturing high-end office furniture for many years, and their pieces remain in high demand. That is why their wood finished, executive desks often retail brand new for more than $6,000. When purchased used through our business in New York City, that same executive desk might sell for as little as $550.

Because they often feature classic wood finishes, customers that want to add a contemporary twist could always top the desks with floating square or metal gooseneck lamps. Other modern office essentials that may help change a traditional look to transitional include colorful desk blotters, artsy mouse pads, and unusual shaped pencil holders.

Used office drawers that retail for close to $4,000 may sometimes sell for less than $400. The extra savings could be used to change out the drawer’s hardware from classic to contemporary or thematic. For example, gold drawer pulls could be replaced with stainless steel, oil-rubbed bronze or satin nickel bars. The tops of the drawers could be outfitted with runners, modern art, lamps, decorative vases or potted plants. They are all items that could add pops of color or personality to the room.

To learn more about used office furniture and how to transform a traditional look into a transitional one, please contact Sunrise Office Services. We have used office furniture in stock for less than retail and professional design services are available.