Used Desks for Your Business, Primer and Warnings

Buying used desks can save your business money. As a result, you’ll have more funds to spend on payroll, advertising, computers and other investments. What’s more, used desks are often of better quality than new desks. If you’re considering investing in used desks, here are some of the main types, as well as a few buying considerations.

Buying Used Desks

Common Types of Used Desks

There are five main types of used desks. These include:

  • Executive desk sets – Consisting of a desk, table desks and credenza, these desks are typically for private offices of managers. They generally include a pencil drawer, along with two drawers. These desks don’t have as much work surface next to the user as U-desks do, but they offer more file storage.
  • U-shaped desks – Named for their U-shape, this type of desk provides more working space than an L-desk.
  • L-shaped desks – This desk, which gets its name from its L-shape, may include side chairs for clients and other visitors. The L-shaped desk can be designed so that the extra surface is to either the left or right of the desk.
  • Collaborative desks – This type of desk allows for active interaction between several people.
  • Reception desks – As a reception desk is usually the first furniture your clients see, you’ll want to be sure it’s looks attractive.

Therefore, select a reception desk that presents a good image of your company. It should provide enough sufficient lighting without any ugly wires exposed.

Considerations and Warnings for Used Desks

  • Consider the number of people who work in your office or who will work with you.
  • Measure doorway and hallway openings. If your business will be relocating in the near future, it can be hard to move large desks through small doors and hallways. In other words, furniture that can be easily moved is ideal for developing offices.
  • Although you can usually find cheap used desks at thrift stores, you’re likely to find mismatched styles and colors. You don’t want to present a second-hand look to your clients.

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