Benefits of Selling Office Furniture Over Donating or Trashing

When you have finished using your office furniture, you are faced with deciding how to dispose of it. You have a few options. You can sell it, donate it, or throw it in the trash. Obviously, if the furniture is beyond repair or refurbishment, the trash is often the only choice. However, if it is still in usable condition and you feel someone could still get use from it, the right decision is not always so clear. Here are a few reasons you should consider selling office furniture to a used furniture liquidator like Sunrise Office Services.

Selling Office Furniture Benefits

Helping New Business Owners

You may think donating the items is the best way to help others. But, new business owners rarely seek the assistance of charitable organizations when starting their venture. Most of the people benefiting from donated items are just regular people, using the furniture in their homes. While perfectly acceptable, wouldn’t you prefer to help a budding entrepreneur instead?

Selling office furniture Saves Money

Selling office furniture is obviously a financial benefit. You may get a small tax benefit for donating the items, but you will receive actual capital that can be put back into your business from selling the items. You likely spent a significant amount of money on your office furniture. Selling it offers you the opportunity to recoup some of that cost. You can also use the money to help fund the purchase of replacement office furniture.

Recycling By Selling office furniture

If your furniture is usable, but you want to throw it away anyway because you simply don’t have the time to deal with selling it, consider the environmental impact. There is no reason to throw away perfectly good furniture. Our landfills are overflowing as it is. Recycling your office furniture is good for the environment. The more furniture we can keep out of the landfills, the better. Clients and customers also appreciate the environmental awareness.

These are just a few benefits of selling office furniture rather than donating or trashing it. Selling it is easy with a full service office furniture liquidator. We are here to assist you. Contact Sunrise Office Services for more information today.