Fun Ideas for Re-Purposed Pre-Owned Office Furniture

When you mention re-purposed pre-owned office furniture, many people have the preconceived notion that these pieces are outdated and may not work well in a modern office. However, this is not the case. In addition to our like-new office furniture, there is also the option to employ the many current design trends for re-purposed, pre-owned office furniture. These trends offer a modern, bohemian look that you can use to make your workspace look hipper and more up to date. Just like the offices of TERRACYCLE in the hit show Human Resources on Pivot.

Re-Purposed Pre-Owned Office Furniture Ideas

Filing Cabinet Makeovers

If you find traditional filing cabinets too ordinary for your business, you may want to spruce them up a bit with a fresh coat of paint, some stencils, and new hardware. You can create a fresh new look with wooden or filing cabinets, just by adding a splash of color to them. Other ways to update filing cabinets include covering them with contact paper. Alternatively, using decoupage in conjunction with a gold leaf technique to create a more elegant, eclectic looking cabinet. To increase utility, try painting them with chalkboard, whiteboard, or metallic paint so that the sides can double as a message board.

Desk Makeover

As with your filing cabinets, most desks can also be painted a different color to match your office decor. If you are adding a new desk, but keeping some of your older furniture, you may want to paint the other pieces a similar color to ensure that everything matches. You can create a custom desk by retrofitting a used hutch for additional storage, attaching a credenza to create an extension for your desk. Adding whimsical pulls using unusual items and covering the top of the desk in an old map before placing a piece of glass over top of it.

These are just a few ideas for ways to customize re-purposed pre-owned office furniture to create a fun, unique look for your workspace. Not all office furniture requires a makeover, as many of the pieces we offer are like-new and attractive just as they are. To learn more about the selection of used office furniture we have available, contact Sunrise Office Service today.