Re-purposed Pre-owned Office Furniture Can Work for You

Getting re-purposed pre-owned office furniture for the office is, undeniably, a difficult task for a variety of reasons. There is often a fixed budget for the project. There might be several people giving input based on their individual tastes rather than just one or two (as is the case when furnishing a home). After budget and the sorting of tastes, it is time to place the order. This part of the office furniture procurement process comes with its own issues since a single supplier might not carry all the items. When the furniture does arrive, there are the tasks of both setting it up and deciding what to do with the previous furniture.

Re-purposed Pre-owned Office Furniture Can Work for You

Sunrise Office Services can see your project through from beginning to end and help alleviate these pressures, as well as save you both time and money. Because Sunrise Office Services acquires, refinishes and stocks re-purposed pre-owned office furniture, you can be assured that we have a wide selection.

Get quality re-purposed pre-owned office furniture at a significant discount. Buying new office furniture adds a strain to any operating budget. Our products are like-new at an affordable cost. We use our resources wisely and pass the savings on.

We offer office furniture liquidation services to match your specific needs. You have enough to worry about, let us help you to move your current furniture when it is time to install the updated furniture. Our office liquidation project staff will plan and execute your furniture movements like a symphony.

Perhaps there are some items you would like to keep your current furniture, but it has some surface, structural or functional issues. We work hard to restore your furniture as close as possible to its original condition. We have been doing it for 35 years.

We dedicate ourselves from the time your project begins to its conclusion to your complete satisfaction. We are known for our responsive customer service and adhering to designated timelines. Our office liquidation project managers are ready to help. Contact the re-purposed pre-owned office furniture experts at Sunrise Office Services for your next office furniture project.