Time to Upgrade Your Office? How to Sell Old Office Furniture

Is your office looking a little dull? You still have the desk you purchased when you started out and the clutter atop it is screaming you need something bigger. You love how comfortable your favorite chair is, but deep down you know you’ve earned something better. Even the patterned client seats you once found so fascinating are boring now. So you decide it is time to upgrade your office furniture. That is great! Now you can feel confident in your workspace. But what about the used office furniture? Should you toss it? Should you donate it? Well, you are a business person after all, so now is the time to sell old office furniture to an office furniture liquidator like Sunrise Office Services.

Office Upgrade? How to Sell Old Office Furniture

Who would be interested? You’d be surprised to find many business owners prefer pre-owned over new, and this is because they fully grasp the cliche “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Whether someone is just starting out in his or her first office or an established business person, they can benefit from buying used furniture. New does not always mean better; the first year is the trial mark of quality since this is the timeframe where new furniture loses almost half its value. Aiming for a product a year old or more ensures you are obtaining something durable and long-lasting. The truth is those who fall into buying new are missing out, and those who opt for pre-owned are getting a great deal on a high-quality product.

So how exactly do you go about selling your old office furniture? Start off by contacting an experienced office furniture liquidator like Sunrise Office Services.  We can help you evaluate your used office furniture and set an appropriate price for each item. If you need moving, planning or coordination, contacting a professional liquidator can help you suggest the best methods. When it is time to sell old office furniture, the best option is to rely on experts.