Moving your Business? Get Office Liquidation Solutions

Are you relocating closer to downtown? To a fabulous new building or a larger space? Whatever your reason for creating a fresh, updated office, our office liquidation solutions are just what you need to the job done easily and quickly. Relocating raises questions that seem can difficult to answer for those who have not previously experienced an office furniture liquidation. The process can seem time-consuming difficult to coordinate and execute. The office liquidation solutions provided by Sunrise Office Services can manage your relocation and give you the new office environment you have in mind. Let’s look at some questions to see how we take the stress out of the process.

Office Liquidation Solutions Move Your Business

Where and how do we start?

Our experienced office liquidation solutions professionals will sit down with you to discuss your style, design ideas, your new space, and your timeline. What kind of space do you imagine? Do you want a modern and cool design or a warm and classic office? Together, we will create a plan to fit your needs. Then we will locate and provide the office furniture to compliment that vision.

What office furniture do we keep?

Furniture that is in good condition and fits your newly planned design can be reused or repurposed in your new office. Those old, chipped file cabinets are not needed in your smooth modern new office can used to offset the cost of newer office furniture. Often there are more efficient, nuanced, and stylish options than to keep everything or trash everything.

What about that old and stained office chair?

Sunrise Office Services’ skilled office liquidation solutions employees can reupholster, refinish, and even update some furniture. Let us take a look at that old chair and it may be a candidate for refurbishment.

What to do with the rest of your used furniture?

We will remove any used office furniture that does not fit into your new office plan. Since you are dealing with Sunrise Office Services, your old furniture will often not be tossed in a landfill. If it cannot be refinished for reuse, it may be disassembled. Many parts can be recycled or repurposed for other uses.

To talk more about office liquidation solutions, please contact Sunrise Office Services. We offer many useful services and have office furniture ideas you may have not yet considered.