Office Furniture Solutions, Benefits of Cubicle Panel Extenders

When you have a sea of cubicles at your office, you can start to hear complaints about workers feeling closed in. This is easy to understand, especially if there are few windows nearby or the employees feel like they lack privacy. While we may not have a lot of research to understand the exact reason that certain types of cubicles can lower productivity in workers, what we do know is that there are office furniture solutions to help. In particular, panel extenders are often purchased as a solution to cubicle claustrophobia.

Office Furniture Solutions Cubicle Panel Extenders

Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

One of the main advantages of panel extenders is that they can help workers visually block out the rest of the world. People can feel closed in if they feel like everyone is right on top of them, and having privacy helps quell those feelings. Plus, when workers are less distracted by motion around them, they can concentrate on their work and produce more efficient results.

Less Crosstalk

When you are making sales calls or trying to concentrate, it can be difficult to work if someone is always coughing right next to you. Of course, being too close to the cubicle corners can mean you are always attracting people who are chatting next to your work area. To give employees an acoustic barrier between them and the rest of the employees, have panel extenders placed on top of their current cubicle walls. This helps reduce the feeling that everyone is taking up all of the space in your cubicle.

Adding panel extenders with visual benefits

If you are looking for a sure-fire way to brighten your workers’ claustrophobic mood, panel extenders can help. Overall, the idea is to give workers a chance to decorate their cubicle by extending their wall space. For example, many cubicle walls are too short to accommodate posters or other decorations. Panel extenders give the workers more wall space to hang other visual items that improve their moods such as house plants, framed artwork, and large computer monitors.

Let More Light Into A Cubicle

Do your employees complain about having Seasonal Affective Disorder because their cubicle lacks windows or lighting? Once you have panel extenders in place, you can use them to install lighting that stays anchored with clips. The light bulbs used can have Seasonal Affective Disorder-reducing benefits or have greenhouse advantages for cubicle houseplants.

Temperature Control With Panel Extenders

Employees can feel irritated and claustrophobic when temperature control is their real issue. If you have a worker that is always cold all winter, a set of panel extenders gives them a chance to capture more heat from the space heater under their desk. Along those lines, an employee that always needs to run a fan to stay cool can keep the distracting fan noise from traveling outside of their cubicle by having panel extenders installed.

Buy Used Panel Extenders At A Discount

Fighting claustrophobia in your office cubicles is easy with us. We can help you find the styles of panel extenders that will keep your employees happy and productive. Do you still have questions? To speak with our friendly staff about making your business brighter, contact Sunrise Office Services. We thank you in advance for being our customer, and we look forward to hearing more from you.