NYC Office Furniture Liquidators Can Help Tweak Your Open Office Plan

As NYC office furniture liquidators, we notice office furniture design trends as they both develop and change. The open office plan continues to maintain popularity up until today throughout almost every industry. It is entirely possible that on a subconscious level, designers and office managers choose open office plans so they too can appear progressive. Popularized in movie representations of companies like Facebook and Google, open office designs have become associated with success.

NYC Office Furniture Liquidators and the Open Office Plan

However, most businesses and business owners are finding that open office plans done poorly can do just the opposite. Though initially, proponents felt they would lead to more worker collaboration, they can also make workers crave privacy. This environment seems to cause more stress, higher turnover rates, and greater employee dissatisfaction overall if not combined with alcoves and private offices. Workers without a refuge do not feel comfortable while they work creatively to come up with ideas. There can be ongoing peripheral distractions that are both auditory and visual in open office plan environments. It is easy to see why open office plans done poorly can be ineffective.

Though some people are comfortable in front of everyone, others are not and perform better with a little privacy. This ‘over exposure’ can cause discomfort lead to less efficiency. NYC office furniture liquidators now recommend having a mixture of private spaces and larger collaboration spaces in any office. In response to these findings, employers are asking for at least a few private and even soundproof spaces for people to work on individual projects. Also, designers are developing spaces with more privacy in mind like the Brody by Steelcase, a design that is cozy and private.

If you are interested in gaining more office productivity and you are currently using an open office space plan, consider making some tweaks. It could be exactly what your workers need to stay focused and motivated. Contact Sunrise Office Services today. We are experienced NYC office furniture liquidators that specialize in used furniture liquidations, acquisitions and migrations. We can help you establish the right space for your team.