Liquidation Office Furniture Finds a Home in the New Brooklyn

The old Brooklyn where Ralph Kramden and Ed Norton lived, cheered on the Brooklyn Dodgers, and ate hot dogs at Coney Island is being updated to the entrepreneurial tech Brooklyn of today. As creative and technologically talented young people flock into the borough, they bring with them new ideas and new ways of doing business. Many who take part in this exciting new wave take up shop in the Brooklyn Tech Triangle. This new wave of Brooklyn entrepreneurs exhibits a fondness for leveraging the old, like employing liquidation office furniture to create the new.

Brooklyn Reconditioned Liquidation Office Furniture

Comprised of three historic areas, the old Brooklyn Navy Yard, Downtown Brooklyn, and DUMBO, an acronym for Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass, the triangle has provided startup space for the recently IPO’d ETSY. ETSY allows small artisan-based businesses to sell their crafts. Also is Brooklyn is Amplify. Amplify is working to put technology at the fingertips of classroom teachers.

Why Brooklyn? One possible reason could be that the triangle offers an abundance of reclaimed factories, creatively communal workspaces, shared office buildings and lofts. The area is also home to both idea incubators financed by New York City and educational institutions like NYU and Brooklyn Law school.

Having come out of the incubation phase, over 500 tech and creative companies, have established themselves in these three Brooklyn neighborhoods. With a flair for innovation and creative thinking, reconditioned liquidation office furniture allows these companies to provide unique workspaces.

Sunrise Office Furniture is no new kid on the block, having been an industry leader in large-scale furniture liquidation and reconditioning, as well as reconfiguration and relocation managing for over 35 years. The New York-based company serves as a valuable source of liquidation office furniture for these fledgling Brooklyn companies. And when the time for expansion arrives, they can contact Sunrise Office Furniture to help make relocation easier, whether within the city or clear across the country.