LEED Status and Office Furniture Services

In an era of environmental consciousness, companies are now putting effort into being sustainable. Sustainability can seem like a vague goal, like ‘be nicer,’ especially when it comes to practical work such as office furniture services. This is why we at Sunrise Office Services take great pride in our ability to help companies improve their LEED status. Keeping used office furniture out of landfills and employing our knowledgeable office furniture liquidation professionals makes sustainability achievable.

Office Furniture Services Reduce Landfills Increase LEED

Perhaps you wonder what the LEED status means. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and is an accreditation offered by the U.S Green Building Council that certifies that a project meets a standard for environmental responsibility. It works as a rating system where the council awards points based on the how well a project meets the standards. The sections are weighted; for instance, meeting the standard for Indoor Environmental Quality can get up to 17 points and meeting the standard for water efficiency can get up to 12 points. The U.S Green Building Council will award different levels of certification, with the best certification being Platinum, followed by Gold and Silver.

Most states either award LEED certification or require it for approval of certain projects. A smart company meets and exceeds the standards of the U.S Green Building Services. So what sort of standards does a company have to consider when it comes to used office furniture and office furniture services? Well, it depends on the project, but a good starting place is the materials used. Are they purchased from environmentally friendly sources? Are the methods used in restoring the materials environmentally sustainable? The accreditation takes into account waste management and pest management as well.

It is not just the sustainability that the LEED certifies. The board awards points for making occupants comfortable with lighting and heating, as well as indoor air quality management.

Getting and keeping a LEED certification for a project is a complicated process, and can require experience to navigate. That is why, if you want help with a LEED project’s office furniture services, contact Sunrise Office Services. We have plenty of experience in completing projects that meet and exceed the environment’s needs.